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Bering Sea Research Cruise
USCGC Healy,  July 3 - 31, 2008
    View resources from our July, 2008 EcoFOCI Bering Sea research cruise.  This page contains a cruise-track map, preliminary data plots (line and contour plots), and related cruise items. Additional coverage for this cruise (hl0803) can be seen at the BEST-BSIERP site (plots, event logs ). Also, view the previous USCGC Healy Ice Expedition Cruise, Spring 2008.

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Preliminary, un-calibrated CTD Data
Photos at St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands.
Cliffs on St. Paul Island in the Pribilof Islands, Alaska A puffin on the cliffs at St. Paul Island, Alaska Fur seal rookery on St. Paul Island, Pribilofs, Alaska A seal in shallow water with rocks at St. Paul Island, Pribilofs, Alaska

Along-Track data plots from ship flow-through for the duration of the cruise, July 3-30, 2008. Depth ~8 m. Data are un-calibrated, especially nitrate data are relative, i.e. range is representative, but values may be offset prior to calibration.
Map of the Bering Sea with ship tracks from the July USCGC Healy research cruise.

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