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Research Mooring Cruise to the Bering Sea
NOAA ship Oscar Dyson
April 23 - May 2, 2010
Updated:   September 14, 2010
Welcome to pages from the Spring 2010 mooring cruise to the Bering Sea aboard the NOAA research ship Oscar Dyson.  We were in Alaskan waters to retrieve and redeploy some moorings, run CTD and Bongo tow operations, and collect data to support our long-term research in the Bering Sea. The Oscar Dyson left Kodiak, Alaska on April 23rd and returned from the research cruise on May 2nd. Our research project is called Ecosystems and Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations (EcoFOCI) and is based in the Pacific Northwest at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), a part of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

We have especially directed these pages toward Mr. Jenkins and the 5th grade class at Mountain
St.Paul, Alaska harbor
Who is in this zodiak in the Bering Sea?
Is that a seal on the ice behind?
View Elementary School.  We were fortunate to have met Mr. Jenkins as
The results are in!! See what pressure did to these heads.
part of NOAA's Teachers-at-Sea program in 2005. The photos and logs from his 2005 cruise are online too for reference! Prior to the cruise, we received a package from these 5th graders with letters to our ship and science crew, and decorated styrofoam heads that were sent down to 1000 meters depth to show the effect of pressure on styrofoam.

Wow, Mountain View Elementary is on the east coast of the U.S. (Eastern Daylight Time) and has a 3 hours time difference from our Seattle office (Pacific Daylight Time), and 4 hours time difference from our Bering Sea work area (Alaska Daylight Time).

During the time the Oscar Dyson was out working, we updated these pages with letters, photos and locations from the ship. On these pages you will find a map of the ship's route, a log and pictures from the cruise, and other information that was updated while the research cruise was in progress. We've also included letters, questions and answers from our 5th-grade students.

Check out these links:
Your Letters and Responses Your Questions and Answers

A look at moorings A look at CTD A look at Bongos

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