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Colleen E. Harpold

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Research Oceanographer
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Colleen Harpold has worked in the Biological Oceanography Team in EcoFOCI since November 2002. She is a Research Oceanographer and her research interests include zooplankton ecology and community structure in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, seasonal timing of copepods and effects of climate change on lower trophic level marine ecosystem dynamics. Colleen has recently worked with colleagues to develop a Zooplankton Rapid Assessment (ZRA) that can be done at sea and provides a quick post-cruise indicator of zooplankton community structure and abundance. The results are used to inform the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council through the Ecosystems Considerations Chapter. Colleen is also interested in graphical and artistic presentation of scientific data, scientific illustrating and mapping. Colleen performs regular field duties using plankton nets (bongo, CalVET, Multinet and MOCNESS), standard chlorophyll sample collection and processing techniques and prepares zooplankton gear for field season use. She also manages the zooplankton and chlorophyll data and performs quality control checks on those data before they are loaded into our main database (EcoDAAT).